is the website of a small single-handed nursery that I started when I moved to East Sussex. Initially, I supplied unusual conservatory plants and a few of the more interesting shrubs, as well as seeds to the trade. However, I spent more time growing plants that were of particular interest to myself than I did growing those that my customers wanted to sell on. I still sell a few plants and a range of seeds to the trade, but would like to concentrate on growing those plants which I find particularly interesting and enjoyable to grow. I have chosen plants from a wide range of genera – often only the one or two members (of the genus) that I regard as outstanding. I tend to go for plants that I regard as spectacularly beautiful and am never tempted to try a plant solely because it is a challenge.

Two genera, clivia and lapageria are of very special interest to me. I have spent a lot of time growing plants from seed and selecting the most promising ones to grow on and re-select with a view to getting larger, more attractive flowers, and also getting plants that would flower sooner. Hopefully, some of this effort will show in the seed offered for sale.

All the plants offered are relatively easy to grow and flower provided that they are given suitable conditions. However it is essential to find out the requirements of any plant before attempting to grow it.

Unfortunately, it was a condition of the planning permission for my glasshouses that customers were not allowed to come to the nursery, and I ask that this is strictly observed so as not to jeopardise my business.

Mike Jeans

For a guide on growing Lapageria from seed please click here
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