Viewing Domain Processing Rules

This page displays both the Inbound and the Outbound Rules that have been created for the selected domain. To see the processing rules for a different domain, select the domain name from the list box. You can view Inbound and Outbound rules by selecting either Inbound or Outbound from the Bound list box. The screen will automatically refresh and display the rules for the selection that you made.

Name. The number of the rule in the processing order. You cannot name processing rules, they are identified only by their sequence in the list (i.e. Rule1, Rule 2).

Field. The field that the rule searches in: Subject, To, From, Sender, Header or Body.

Rule. Either Contains or Doesn't Contain.

Value. The search string, or phrase that the rule searches for. This section displays all conditions for the rule.

Send To. The name of the mailbox to which messages meeting the rule criteria will be sent.

Working with Processing Rules

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