The Spool Directory

The Spool directory, shows all IMail Server send and receive transactions that are being processed. You view the files in the spool directory by clicking View Spool Directory under Administrative Account Options.

The Spool directory is also known as “the queue,” since it is the place where messages wait to be delivered. Messages in the queue include incoming messages, outgoing messages and attachments, as well as error messages generated by IMail server or other mail servers.

Message Status

Files in the queue are mail messages on their way in or out. When you look at the files in the queue, you can determine what stage a message is in.

Spool Management

In the lower right corner, the total number of files in the spool directory is displayed, as well as the total spool directory size.

File Extensions

The file extension indicates the type of file.

Files that contain a tilde (~) in the file extension, such as .~mp and .~md, are locked files that are in process. These files also have an underscore as the first character in the file name.

For more information on the spool directory and log files, see Spool, Queue, and Log Files in the IMail Server User's Guide.

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