User Administration Page

Allows an administrator to add, delete and display user accounts. It also enables an administrator to change the user's password or make other modifications to the account.

User Administration

Using the top section of the page, you can add, delete, modify or display a user account by clicking on the appropriate button. You can also change a user's password by clicking on the Change Password button. To display a different user account, select the username from the User list box. The settings listed below, display information for all user accounts:

Default Attributes for All Users

The attributes listed below, apply to all users on the domain. To change the default attributes for a user account, select or clear the following options, and click Update Attributes:

Note to IMail 25 users: The root user for the primary host does not count toward the 25 limit. Root users for all other virtual host do count toward the 25 limit. Each list also counts as a user. For example, if you have 20 users and 5 lists, you have met the limit and will not be allowed to create any new users or lists.  If you attempt to create a new user or list after reaching 25, you will receive an error message. See also IMail Server 25 Overview.