If you wish to order from either the seed list or the plant list, would you please send me an e-mail so that I can advise you of the availability of the items in which you are interested, and of the carriage charge if plants are involved. The preferred method of carriage is by carrier with a promise of next day delivery.

Preferred method of payment is by Sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank, or failing that by Sterling notes sent by registered post. Other forms of payment can only be sent by prior arrangement since the exchange costs could wipe out the entire value of a small order.

Please note:

  • Minimum order for seeds (P & P incl) £18 - 00

  • Minimum order for plants (excluding carriage charge) £25 - 00

  • Minimum order for plants & seeds combined (excluding carriage charge) £25 - 00

Carriage charge:

Plant orders can only be sent within the EU, and those sent outside the UK will incur an increased carriage charge.

Seed orders sent outside the UK may involve a small increase to cover airmail costs.

All plants offered for sale are of flowering size except where stated. This does not guarantee successful flowering as this is depenedent uopn giving the plants the correct growing conditions.

Contact details

E-mail address:


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