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Plant name & description

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Aristolochia gigantea

This interesting climber with attractive odourless flowers up to 25cm. across requires a minimum of 12 deg.C. It flowers for much of the summer. Flowering size plants.


Biarum marmarisense

Very similar to B.davidii, but has a slightly larger flower. This interesting and unusual aroid is best over -wintered in a cool glasshouse or alpine house. Pot with 3 rhizomes.


Canarina Eminii

Flowers are 3½” long, dull yellow with reddish purple stripes running down the outside. This compact climber comes from Kenya.

Canarina Eminii


Cantua buxifolia

When well grown, Cantua buxifolia is a spectacularly beautiful small shrub covered with bunches of 3” long flowers that have brilliant red corollas and tubes with yellow stripes. Cantua is the national flower of Peru. Not reliably hardy, best under glass.

Cantua buxifolia


Cantua buxifolia alba

Every bit as beautiful as the usual Cantua, the white form has a white corolla and yellow tube.

Cantua buxifolia alba



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