IMail 25 User Version Overview

The IMail Server 25 version has all of the functionality of the regular IMail Server, except that it provides for a limited number of users and lists.

User Limits in IMail Server 25

The IMail Sever 25 version is a full version of IMail with a user limit of 25. This 25 limit is composed of the total number of users, not including the root for the primary host, and the total number of list-server mailing lists. For example, if you have 20 users and 5 list-server mailing lists, you have met the limit of 25 and will not be allowed to create new users or lists. When the limit of 25 has been met, the Add List and Add User buttons will be disabled. In addition, the right-click menu options of Add List and Add User will be disabled if the limit of 25 has been met.

Remote Connection with IMail Server 25

If a remote machine attempts to connect to the IMail 25 server, the remote admin will not be able to add new users or lists if the 25 user limit on the server machine has been met. The information for subsequent users and lists will not be saved when their screen is refreshed.

Options that are not available in IMail Server 25

The Max Users option, located on  the Add Virtual Host and Modify Virtual Host pages, is non-functional in Web Messaging if you are running the IMail 25 user version. If you attempt to change this option, the settings will not be saved when the screen is refreshed.