Spell Checker Help

Spell Check a Message

IMail Web Messaging has a spell check feature which allows the user to check for spelling errors before sending a message. The spell checker allows users to select or add dictionaries with which to spell check.

To spell check a message before sending it:

  1. Click on the Compose Tab.

  2. Enter information into the given fields. Text must be entered into the Body field in order for the spell check to work.

  3. Select the dictionaries that you want to use by clicking on them (for more information on individual dictionaries see Dictionary Explanations). Multiple entries can be made by holding down the control key while clicking on the dictionary names.

  4. Click Spell Check.

By default, the Spell Checker will display any misspelled words in red, as well as displaying the number of misspelled words at the bottom of the Spell Checker window.

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